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Here are some valuable links for MAX products:

its the beginning, pls be patient, we are working on that.


Update from Sept. 2005

Here is the way to an overview about all Lucent product pages :


but you have to click onto :

"General Access Support Documentation & Downloads"


and then looking for Documentation

going to the menu on the left

selecting H-M

and searching for MAXen by going down the page to MAX xxxx


the list will start with


MAX 1600



In the past, you could not bookmark this page, it did not work. - however, this was checked Nov 2002.



Some info about the Lucent / Ascend merger in 1999


and here


Our own search engine for documentation PDF´s is here.

these links have been gone -- ?? oct. 2002 ??? checked in Jan 19. 2003


try these pages, very helpful, they did a good job.

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