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The MaXXMaster software should help . . .

to configure a MAX 6000 or a MAX TNT or an APX 8000.


MaXXMaster is a software from Sharktech Industries


more Information from our view will follow shortly.


the vendors information is here


ok, here we will start:

Downloading of the MaXXMaster 2 weeks trial is simple

It is about 5.4 MB and it is done fastly. If you did not install Microsofts DOT.NET, go to google and search for "download" and click on the first link. ( I did try this on May 25th. 2005 and it did work fine ) On the German computer magazines "c´t software collection 11/2005" its included for free too.


It makes no difference, in what order you will install the MaxxMaster Desktop or the .NET package.


When you click onto the MaXXMaster icon on your desktop, you are instructed to enter your registration #. If you have none, you may request a trial number for one MAX TNT shelf serial-number.


Clicking on the link shown there, will open your main browser with an online form here :

(In the week 21 in 2005, we have had some trouble with Netscape 7.1 and Opera 7.5.4 and Morzilla 1.01) So please use the MS IE 6.x or higher. We will fix this shortly.

You must fill in all requested information and the real serial-number of your current shelfcontroller, otherwise it will not work. (For non US customers, the US states and zips will not be verified, but country and phone country code will be verified).


Notice: You cannot request a trial code twice for the same TNT serial-number.

After sending the form to our database, you (must) get a blue confirmation page with "Registration Successful". Otherwise it did not work.


Then pls check your e-mail, where we have sent an automatic mail with the trial code.


Installing the trial code

We did install the code and did use the IP from Sharktechs demo TNT in the US.


In a few days we will uninstall the demo and setup a new PC with a new version and our own TNT in our computer room II to configure our own TNT inside our secured network.


During installation we will do some screenshots to guide you during your installation.



please be patient, we need some time to continue


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