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Why do we offer that service and why nearly worldwide ?

We like to keep alive useful and working Router- and Switch- equipment. With this goal the homepage was created in Jan. 2002.


You have heard about the terrible amount of storm, rain and water followed by an unbelievable great disaster in Germany, Poland and Austria in August 2002. And you heard about the more and more powerful hurricanes in the US and Far East. The Chinese desert is expanding closer and closer towards Peking 2 miles a year and the Brazilian jungle is shrinking 4 miles a year.


That is a follow up of wasting the resources of our planet so fast, that the nature is strongly striking back.

Our experience

Looking to the Lucent/Ascend products, we are familiar with them and we successfully use them for more than 5 years. We have the longtime know-how to judge the quality and the value of usability of the MAXen.


We found out, that there has been no and there is no reason, to throw away all the (retired?) routers to the garbage. Really, the industry does a very bad job, trying to grow and grow and grow and tell us with very expensive advertisements, we should buy new and new and new.


In the well known T1/E1 PRI / G.703-G.704 environment and market, the MAXen have an unbeatable strength of power and reliability, if you know to use them and you keep track of our suggestions.


At the end the MAXen have become affordable in price on the used equipment market for all users.


We know, that Lucent, Nortel, Marconi and Cisco and others will not be very happy with our goal, to save our worldwide resources and not to allways buy new equipment, but we all will and have to live on this planet.


Try to use as many old but working routers as possible. We have built this web and parallel for Bay Networks products the and the web. Have a look at and Its partially fully German made for German speaking countries.



Nach oben

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