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Our testlab in Wiesbaden / Germany

Firstly we need to explain again: RDE is a German company and we use E1/E3, not T1/T3. We have set up an electronic test laboratory for E1/E3 ISDN and internet network equipment in our company, to be independent from all promotion sayings and all the glory of the very well designed coloured flyers and mirrored brochures.


It is a goal of our founders since 1974, that RDE will not follow the manufacturers specifications unconditionally and blindly "as it is". In most cased, we firstly open a new technical unit, to have an initial look inside and a first impression, what to expect.


From Jan 2005 we have our own "telco digital voice switch simulator" with 2 x E1 (30 channels) and 8 x ISDN (16 channles) and 16 x analog ports in one box. Now we can simulate dial-in and dial-out under all conditions from modem to isdn and from isdn to the pmx and vice versa all combinations.

This is our E1 last mile line simulation unit

And we have got very many MAXen of all kind from 4000 over 6000 up to the TNT for tests and evaluation. We have a test-unit with 6xE1 (E1 is 2 Mbit/s) NTPM´s called "network terminator primary multiplexer" to simulate three concurrent 31 channel ISDN E1 nailed connections under stress (full load).

We know that the MAX 4000 cannot handle all 4 PRI´s as dial-in ports. Its built for 4 x T1 (4 x 24 lines = 96). But with four WAN ports connected to the bigger MAX 6000 it should work even under full load.

So we did connect three real nailed lines to a MAX 4000 using these six 2-MBit E1 NTPM´s, simulating a real situation.


This unit is our fibre optics and POS and ATM line tester and simulator for most of the wide area fibre and coax connections.

and we got a lot of very well working 250 MHz scopes to check signals and voltages with problems, what you cannot see with a voltmeter.


Here is a look into some older pages, what we did in the past. It is partially German but have a look here and here and here

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