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Background :

Since Lucent Technologies bought Ascend (the most experienced Router Company beside Cisco) in end of 1998, the products and the service and the image was run down to nearly zero. When the Lucent Inc. in USA did run out of cash, as we got told, they closed the well known Ascend "European Technical Support Center" in Sofia Antipolis, France. As we know, all technicians are "away" now, others say they were fired.


In the beginning of 1999 (round about 2 months after the merger), as we were told, many experienced engineers and other employies did leave the old Ascend organisation on their own decision. Some told us, it was impossible to work there with the new Lucent supervisors.


So now:

To repair an Ascend/Lucent Product means, to spend a lot of time, to find out an experienced employee anywhere in the world, to get help from.

We heard, that there should be an outsourced service somewhere in Ireland and/or south of France. But prior to any action, you need to sign an expensive service contract, may be having experienced and skilled people on the phone. The rumours say, its hopeless to deal with them. So we didnt try it.


Because we own and run a lot more than a handful Ascend routers, we know about the strenght and the weakness of these products. At least two of our MAX 4000 routers and one MAX1800 are running since early 1997 day and night up to end of 2005 without any problem.


We are very very happy with them and we did buy and we are buying more and more mostly all types of Ascend/Lucent MAXes (with some exeptions).

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