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The MAX Product Family Overview

  • The TAOS´s  "One View Main Screen"
  • Scalable, manageable, and secure remote networking platforms
  • Robust features and best available price/performance
  • Simplified installation, configuration, and operation



The MAX family of WAN access switches accommodates the remote networking needs of service providers and enterprises alike. Each MAX router/switch is a total remote networking solution combining the functionality of a router, a terminal server, an ISDN switch and a Frame Relay concentrator.

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You are looking for an Ascend product code or what was available in the past ?

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There are European and international price lists with all products within this web.


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please goto our . There you find a lot of information around all problems with MAXen.


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We have added a handmade product list,

taken from many sources in the past. This product list is included, to give you an overview, what kind of and how many different products are in the market. It will never be complete, please be patient.


And in June 2003 we have added two (old year 2000) international retail price lists in Euro and international lists in Dollars at the end of the navigation buttons on the left.


These lists contain all the latest products from the year 2000. As we heard, after year 2000 there was no more research and development on the MAXen.


Look at the lists, they are really long and impressive. May be that was the reason, why Lucent paid 19 billion dollars for the Ascend merger.


And with very little exceptions, all products have been absolutely top in its class.



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