Homepage of maxrouter.ipw.net / former www.maxrouter.com
Dec. 2018 - The very last units are gone forever

These pages have been outdated.

It is - NO MORE - part of our business.

Forgotten Passwords from almost all Ascend products will be recovered - NO MORE. - Why did we offer that service ? Why worldwide ?

2010 - Most of our MAX TNT Chassis are taken apart an are put to the electronic garbage. Almost all MAX 2000, 4000 and 6000 and TNT's are gone.

All remaining repair- and help- information about ASCEND MAXen will be found there. No more service-support since 2018 is decided.

Ascend was bought from Lucent and Lucent has merged with Alcatel. After 2010 Lucent is going to leave forever.

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