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What´s new in the maxrouter web ?

We will add news occasionally. Now the last owner, the Lucent company,
discontinued all MAXen.

Feb. 2011 - all pages moved from "" to "", the same for maxrepair.

Because loss of interest, we will free the domains and offer these for sale. There will be a forwarding to our list "domains for sale" shortly.

Jan. 2011 - Number of working MAXen reduced

The exciting products from 1994 to 2001 are almost outdated. Most of the working MAX TNTs are replaced. As you know, IPv6 will come within the next years and the MAXen will not be updatet.
Here in Germany ISDN is reduced for a very limited small number of applications, especially dial in and dial out within vpn environments. There were almost no more request for support and help during the last months so we close down our support to limited times.

Jan 2009 - a new year arrived - a happy one I hope, for all of us. So, good luck to you from Gert from Germany.

Happy new year from Germany and good luck to you.

Hi all together.
This year will become the most important period for the giants of the computer industry. As you all heard, Lucent was painfully merged with the French Alcatel. I think, the name is lost in France.
This week I heard, that Nortel is very close to Chapter 11 too and they are looking for any kind of help.

And when the Cisco guy was calling twice a week, asking what I am going to order, this sign says, Cisco is not running well. As I believe, most of the old giants are ailing.

So watch the big three for their struggle to survive. May be we can learn from them a lot. But the very old slogan "Grow or Die" is totally dead.

Dec. 2008 Alcatel / Lucent must cut 1 Billion next year

As written in German stock exchange news, the Franco-American telecom giant Lucent must save costs in 2009 and 2010. In each of the next two years one billion Euros (= 1.5 billion Dollars) must be cut off. Another 1000 employees must leave the company. And 5000 timesharing jobs must get cancelled too. The CEO will pass the break even next spring, means in 2009, he says. Between the lines, it says, they did generate loss all the last years and the merged company is far away from any profit.

As we found out, they did trample their customer's needs and the product continuity with their feet. As by the rules of the market, this company will be gone in a few years.

Feb 2008 - Lucent shrinks dramatically after merger with Alcatel

The remaining part of the industrial telecommunication giant Lucent Technologies was merged with the French Alcatel in April 2006. Now many of the remaining 12.000 workers are fired in 2007 or will be fired shortly in 1. quarter 2008. More about the problems are here, but in German language.

From formerly 130.000 employies only some thousands will remain inside Alcatel.

Mid of 2007 - Lucent is merged into Alcatel

Step by step, the well known brands like Ascend and Lucent are gone. But the legendary MAX routers are working fine year over year.

Jan 2007 - Happy new year to all our friends and customers.

Owners of Ascend MAX products can be very happy. These units have an extreeme stability and some kind of longlife technology built in. Many users and owners are requesting service contracts in advance, but have had no ploblems over the last 2 years.

Dec 2006 - Lucent is sold to Alcatel

You will not believe it, but the old huge big player Lucent Technologies is sold to a French company and !!!! it is renamed to Alcatel.


From formerly employies cut down to round about (as we heard) heads, Lucent was taken over from the heads counted French Alcatel. During 2007, another heads have to be cut, as the newspaper are saying. So what is left from Lucent ??


Almost the same happend with the European big players in professional broadcast, which was Bosch BTS, Philips, and the US company Grass Valley. All are bought from the more than 50% government owned Thompson France - and renamed to Grass Valley.

Oct. 2006 - web has been offline for some days

Due to an unknown and unexpected error after the weekly backup, some of our Typo3 MYSQL webs have been offline for some days or at least some hours. Sorry for that, we did include the mysql availability into our alarm system.

June 2006 - problems with modem connections, when DSL is running

Currently we get more and more requests to fix a MAX with modem dial-in. But this is not a MAX problem, while the ISDN dial-in is working fine. However, it is not a digital modem-port card problem. In most cases it is the influence of a newly connected DSL line within the same building within the same trunk of copper wires.


In almost all copper wire installations, the twisted pairs of wire are not shielded. The very high frequency of the DSL transmission (2 MHz and more) is disturbing the modem connection in the neigbourhood of all the other lines.


Click on the picture on the right. I was not able to type in my users name nor the password, because my keystrokes have been interrupted by junk characters of all kind of languages. This was undefined noise from my own DSL 6000 line within my trunk of 20 pairs of copper wires inside our own building. When I did swith off my DSL connection using the remote software of my DSL router, it seemed to work much better. But from time to time, some more lonely characters did arrive unwanted.


There are a lot of laws (DIN and CE) for illegal radiation of electrical units, but currently nobody cares about, esspecially in Germany. The hyphe of having DSL (currently high speed internet is a must) ignors all rules and laws.


And notice: ISDN connections are not affected. Digital transmission is totaly differetn from analog (modem and DSL are analog) transmission.

Jan 2006 - some config pages in German language

To help some less experienced newcomers, we did add some pages in pure German. Sorry for that, but all of you can read English manuals better than most Germans.

Hier ein paar deutsche MAX 4000 Konfig Seiten.

Sept 1. 2005 - a late night suprise (German time)

Toady we got an e-mail from an old Ascend expert, seeing this web with pleasure in his eyes, offering help, to make many secrets understandable and offering help to connect us to the older Ascend engineers.

Aug 2005 - Powersupply load test with a new laboratory electronic load

In the past, it was a problem, to laod a powersupply with its maximum specifications at the limits. The professional equipment was really expensive. When a big american company with 3 letters closed its harddisc activities in Mainz, we were able to inherit some really expensive scopes and other equipment from the laboratories. So we got a really fine professional electronic load ELA 500 for powersouces from 0 to 100 Ampere and from 0 to 100 Volts. Especially with the strong powersupply of the MAX 6000 and the MAX TNT, in the past we could not load 5 Volts and 40 Amps and more. Now we can easyly do it.


Here you see the 5V source loaded with 40 Amp. More about this is written on our maxrepair pages.

July 2005 - TAOS 11.xx

Many requests are asking for upgrades to TAOS 11.xx. You need to know, that the TAOS operating system for Ascend and /or Lucent MAX routers is a property of Lucent. Currently we do not sell these licenses. We are talking to Lucent to arrange an agreement.


To upgrade any MAX TNT to VOIP with SIP and H323, you need to buy a feature code too. However you need to know, that not all DSP boards are able to run VIOP connections. Have a look here.

May 2005 - VOIP with MAXen - we have added a lot of background

Begining in spring 2005, we did receive a lot of questions about VOIP and how this can be done with MAX 6000s or MAX TNTs.

What is needed and what knowledge is requested to make a successful investment. Because we are servicing more and more smaller European service providers as outsorced administrators from larger carriers, we are adding more and more pages in the VOIP section here in this web. Our focus is the easy understanding of a complex technology. So have a look here - What is Voice over IP ? You will find explained SIP, H323 and codecs and much more.

May 2005 - What is new - the last updates or changes

From now on we are using a TYPO3 feature to list the last recently updated web pages here in

April 2005 - the old "maxrouter" pages are retired.<br>Here you are on the new pages.

We did work on the new TYPO3 content database management based web for weeks. Now we did move over in a hurry. The features and benfits are so impressive, that we could not wait longer. To have an impression, whats possible, have a look into our 400 pages (fully German) web

April 2005 - our E1 primary multiplexer switch-simulator is fixed and it is fully working now.

This is a nice help, to connect two E1 routers together and/or dial line by line to the other or to another ISDN line or to an analoge modem. We have had some software problems, but now, its all fixed. We are using 5 digit dial numbers to simulate a telcos switch. On the picture you see two MAX 2000 with 2 modem boards with 16+16 digital modems each. With the notebooks connected to each router, we can dial line by line and watch the arrival of the call and check all lines. For tests we can dial from the phone to the MAX and listen to the modems handshake noise too. In front if the simulator, you see an old phone (black) and a new ISDN phone (white).

More about this switch simulator is found here.

April 2005 - The E1 MAX TNTs did arrive on pallets.

Now they are here within our warehouse and will be tested shortly. Remember, we are busy with E1 only, there is no T1 here in Germany.


For your information : When Lucent did aquire Ascend in late 1998 and early 1999, all MAXen are started to be labeled as Lucent products, no more Ascend products. Internally they are the same like before. Later in 2001 and 2002 some boards have been redesigned from some lonely forgotten Ascend engeneers. Most of the crew has cancelled their employee contracts in mid of 1999. The newer cards have a black face, no more blank or silver and they are "open". That means, there are no more shielded metall cases around the circuit boards. This change is done for the newer modem cards for all MAXen.

March 2005 - Special offer for MAX TNT E1

We will have a larger number of huge and fully equipped Lucent built MAX TNT E1 routers (these are the younger ones from year 2000 and later) with all available options dramatically below the former virtuel retail price. They are all close or below 2.000 Euros.


All these TNT MAXen are located here in Wiesbaden / Germany and they are available shortly within the EU and with some delay world wide. So you will not have problems with the import from the US.

Nov. 2004 - we will get a voice switch simulator

It took a longer time than scheduled, to complete and configure our E1 Voice & Data switch Simulator (for European use). Now we own a 2 x E1 and 8 x (Euro-) ISDN and 16 x pots switch simulator unit. This unit has a large LCD display to monitor all 86 lines. Now we can simulate E1 dial out and E1 dial in line by line from one MAX to another MAX.

Our first real project was to send 30 faxes at once to 30 different destinations all over Germany. The next project will be to receive 30 faxes at a time as a huge faxmashine.

Nov. 2004 - old MAX 4000 power failure

More and more older Ascend MAX 4000 from 1995 and 1996 are returned for service. All fans from 1997 and earlier are running out of oil and will die shortly.


You must! check the fans in shorter periods now, to avoid an unwanted shutdown. If you have no air circulation, you have no chance.


These are the power supplies from the older MAX 4000 with less power. Pleae notice, these units are mounted upright.


Better look here . . .

and now 5 more

April / Mai 2004 - 30 Years RDE <BR>- isnt it a reason to be praud about this ?

n the current situation in 2004 it shows a very good quality of service that our company is still alive and grows well. We are praud to celebrate our 30 Year anniversary at May 3rd.

March 2004

We got our first MAX 6000 DC within these huge boxes.



And step by step we get all models (sometimes really strange models) of MAXen in our lab. The "UTI International Airfreight" truckdriver has more and more problems, to pass our street.



Feb. 2004

By accident we got a MAX 6000 Dual AC. May be its an engeneering sample or a prototype. We did never hear from this on the market or see one. Now we have one.

Last year we got a MAX 4000 dual AC, but that was closely like a students work.

Early Feb. 2004

Busines grows sligtly and we did receive another large shipment with 1.6 tons of heavy high tech equipment. This time we got 36 Compaq 19" servers and a lot of DLT drives and libraries. To explain the opportunities of these professional Compaq servers, another new fully German web was established.


For our tests and our lab we did buy some more MAX 3000 T1 and some MAX 6000 with VOIP.




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