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What is the adavantage of the MAXen in the future ?

The old Ascend products now are retired by Lucent, even if there was no technical need for. It is or was a marketing strategy (or an internal financial aspect) to get rid of the support for the next years. So what´s the reason to run Ascend MAXen now and in the future ?

March 2009 - things change really fastly

At least here in Germany, ISDN as the primary access connection has gone. All old ISDN equipment is out and worthless. Our MAX TNT routers are waiting as spareparts to be departed and sold as parts. A very few number of MAX 4000 and 6000 is worth to bee kept for same reason, spares.

The internet world has changed faster than expected. So the following words/paragraphs are no more valid. DSL ist faster and cheeper compared by digital ISDN. And the fast 6 MBit/s DSL connections have grown stable since 2007.

It is history from now on.

Carriers and large organisations needs in 2004/2005 are solved with :

Usage of the medium MAXen in the years after 2004 :

  • here we point to the 1800, 2000, 4000, 6000, 3000, not 200 or 800
  • very reliable as an ISDN dial in router (RAS)
  • detecting digital and analog dial in with up to 56k modem speed
  • VPN Dial-In
  • up to 4 E1 (T1) switched (30 channels each) or nailed lines
  • nailed X.21 to a Cisco with hashcode
  • very easy configuration with real time screen
  • very easy diagnostics with the realtime screen
  • very reliable operation in an international provider environment
  • very experienced worldwide configuration and management
  • 8 years experience with almost all MAXen
  • VOIP with the MAX 6000 (no SIP)



Usage of the TNT´s in the years after 2004 :

  • multiprozessor design with enormous carrier class power
  • MaXXMaster admin software
  • ISDN dial in router for 960 channels (4 x 8 E1 x 30 channels)
  • ISDN dial in router for 768 channels (4 x 8 T1 x 24 channels)
  • up to 150 E1 frame relay lines
  • full channelized DS3 interface (720 DS0 timeslots)
  • V.90 dial in up to 768 lines
  • 100MBit and channelized DS3/T3 connections
  • ATM, Framerelay STM1 to T3/E3 switch
  • VOIP with SIP communication
  • SS7 (common channel signaling)
  • very reliable operation in an international provider environment
  • cascaded operation with up to 3 TNTs for 3 x 960 channels as one unit
  • dual redundant power for 110V to 240V AC and 48V DC for carriers



Using the MAX as a modem pool or modem farm

There is one very helpful and money saving application / opportunity, using a MAX with E1 or T1 and some digital modem boards for mass fax service or for a modem farm. We did this within a commercial environment and it did work really fine and reliable.



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