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Here are some mails from and to customers, interesting to read and with some explanation, not to be published on the homepage.

Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002

> Dear Sir:

By the way I still need your help to get hash code of voip. I have lots of MAX6000 which need be installed the hash code.


> Regards

> S.......


Hi Su.........,


I have heard from others that Lucent has no more manpower to supply the hashcode as they did promise to the MAX community.


Even if the hashcode was paid, there is no answer at all. Currently we do not have the code generator. If we would own a stolen version, i cannot supply this copyrighted piece of code to any of you. I will run into very large trouble. There is no solution unless Lucent will totally stop every support for all MAXen.


Lucent did reduce the manpower worldwide from 135.000 to 30.000 people and the want to fire another 20.000. With a personal of 10.000 people, they cannot survive.


I am looking in every country and every corner and every whole for any information or PDF or software, to collect a full set of information on

Thats the current situation.

kind regards

gert redlich

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