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We like to suport you with your problems and needs.

But we need to make some money with that service. Most of the information in all our webs is public and free. If you need more from us, that means, you request our support and our time, we have an affordable rate per 15 minutes.

You need to understand, that we have a German law, that says : If the RDE people create any value or do any job inside Germany, RDE has to charge (to add) 16% German tax (VAT or purchase tax) on top of the invoice. The only exceptions are EU firms with a valid EU VAT number.


So we supply knowhow to you as an international customer, that is a merchandise (good) (i.e. as a written instruction plan) and we let you do the work. Normally we do not need to charge German VAT to internationals, but to all German and EU customers without Euro TAX ID.

The pricing (EU and international = outside of Germany)


Following an old but valid link to our old pages: (updated 11.2007)


The rates are shown here :

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