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All MAXen are "End Of Life" now.

if you believe the Lucent Sales department.


Here is (was) the curent EOS = "End Of Sale" info from the pages :



Sorry, I had better to save the page in the past, now its behind a password and even my one does no more work. So Lucent makes more and more secrets about the products.


Here in Germany we know a lot of decision makers in the enterprise business. These people told us, that begining this "come and find my game", they will no more buy Lucent products.


The same experience is with Nortel. Many known managers responsible for their enterprise IT stopped even to think about Lucent and Nortel products.


When in 4.quarter 2002 most of the old Ascend products-documentation from the Lucent suport web-site was missed, in Jan 2003 we found a lot of new (=old) docs about MAX 1800, 2000 and 4000 on the Lucent pages. Wow............... Did they get it ?

Try this PDF from our Database


user is "max6k" - password on request

OK, the facts :

From 1. of Aug 2003 all MAXen up to the 6000 are finally "end of sale". The MAX TNT is the only product from the MAXen which is sold and suported now including some other big boxes from the old Ascend line. Nobody knows how long.


Jan 2004

As we got told from all over the world, Lucent did drop all kind of support for all MAXen.

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