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Shipment weight of MAX products :

These "Kilos" here are round about and will be completed asap.

Calculation is : 1.0 kilo is about 2.2 lbs

Product Description Weight Vendor ID
MAX 1800 6,1 K= 14.o lbs  
MAX 2000    
MAX 4000 7,8 K= 16.o lbs  
MAX 6000 no cards but 6 plate fillers about 11,3 Kilos  
MAX 6000 with 6 modem S56 boards (alu case) about 13.8 Kilos  
MAX 6000 original corrugated box from Ascend about 3.8 Kilos  
MAX TNT 1 x AC    
MAX TNT 2 x AC    
MULTIBAND MAX 4002 31.o lbs MBX-4T1-2
MAX 4002 (2xT1/E1) DUAL AC POWER 31.o lbs MBX-4T1-2-2AC
MXHP-4 T1 15.o lbs MXHP-4T1-2-0-D
MAX 6000 4xT1 4CSU 6SLOT DUAL AC P/S 59.8o lbs MX60-4T1-2AC
MAX 6000 4xT1 4CSU 6SLOT SINGLE AC P/S 40.15 lbs MX60-4T1-AC
MAX 6000 4xT1 4CSU 6SLOT SINGLE DC P/S 32.75 lbs MX60-4T1-DC
MAX 6000 4xE1 4CSU 6SLOT SINGLE AC P/S 20.o lbs MX60-4E1-AC
MAX 6000 4xE1 4CSU 6SLOT DUAL AC P/S 58.o lbs MX60-4E1-2AC

A sample:

A MAX 4000 in its original box with no cables, no manuals is about 12.5 kilos, an emty MAX 6000 is about 16 kilos. We did check this in December 2002 on a calibrated gauge at our postoffice.

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