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Do you have problems with this Ascend (Lucent) MAX 6000 Router ?

On the left this is a MAX 6000. It is longer than a MAX 4000, has more CPU power, now it has 8 fans and is more heavy and more noisy.


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The MAX 6000 has a much better boxdesign and mainboard- and component layout than the MAX4000. The MAX 6000 had a 66 MHz Intel I960 CPU from the beginning. Flash size Memory can be expanded by a PCMCIA slot.

Here you see the latest


60 Mod DSP Modem cards


inside a very new MAX 6000. That means, you need two of these to have 120 analog modems with all 120 E1 channels. And they dont become warm, that means these cards dont consume so much power like the older ones.

If you like to have an overview about most modem boards, look here.


The MAX 6000 has 6 slots, which can be filled with

6 x 16 port type II or

4 x 30 port type III or

2 x 60 port type III plugin cards.


The type III cards are very rare and expensive. These cards have special features on top of the pure moden functionality.

VOIP with a MAX 6000

The MAX 6000 ist the smallest entry level router to use with VOIP. But: The MAX 6000 cannot talk SIP.


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