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The right TAOS version

Look for your needs and specs you must have, the less the better.


When the MAX 4000 was well established in the market in 1996, there was a need for a smaller MAX and they designed the MAX 2000, based on the 1800 chassis. In Europe, there have been castrated MAX 4000´s limited to one E1 wan channel (by hashcode). But for a few months only. Then the certification was done and they shipped the MAX 2000.


When they fond out, that running a MAX 4000 with 4 x E1 ( = 4 x 2 Mbit) with 6 x 16 modems, the system crashes, they detected the slow Intel I 960 with 25 MHz. It was to weak to handle that needed processing power.


The US ingeneers played with 4 x T1 only, that means 4 x 1.5 Mbit. And that works fine.


So round about 1997 they designed the MAX 6000 with a lot more power, learning from the weakness of the 4000, using the better technology of the new chips and more memory and PCMCIA flash cards and the 50 MHz I 960 and so on. And they designed a new power supply and increased the power of TAOS.


The MAX 6000 is a really good workhorse. And the TAOS in a MAX 6000 handles all needs without starting with buggy code or so.


Later they needed to cancel the MAX 1800 and 2000, the production was to expensive compared by competitors. They designed the MAX 3000 with a lot of new DSPs, no more a single CPU (central processor unit) but "digital signal processors". We had a look into the confidentioal (now no more) "Ascend Backgrounder Papers", explaining the revolutionary ideas behind the MAX 3000.


Great and very comfortable. The mainboard was able to be filled during production (they call it "surface mounted") with either 6 x ISDN Bri-S or 6 x Bri-U or 2 x T1 or 2 x E1, all with one mainboard layout.


So if you see a MAX 3000, check the label under the chassis very carefully, not to get a wrong version.

As we know and what was written in the huge mass of upgrade files,

  • TAOS for the MAX 4000 ends with 7.0.28 ( and not 7.0.4 )
  • TAOS for the MAX 1800 and the MAX 2000 ends with 7.2.4
  • TAOS for the MAX 6000 starts early with 7.0.3
  • TAOS for the MAX 3000 starts with 7.4.4
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