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Ascend MAX 200

In 2002 we got a M201 as a sample of a MAX 200. It is an access product with up to eight PCMCIA modems of any kind or so.


I dont know, what thats for a product and where to use that (here in Germany).


Looking inside make me sick. Its nearly nothing in - but 8 emty slots for modem cards and two chips from AMD, one for the 10MBit Ethernet. It seems not to be a real Ascend product.


However, its not worth to do any service for that. Any MAX 1800 with one Ascend modem board of any kind supports ISDN and modems on up to 8 ISDN BRI lines, that means 16 single channels.



The M201 is really old.

We didnt find any information to reset any password. So please dont ask us, we cannot help.

Having something to play with some analog lines will be a small reason for the MAX 200. (may be ???)

I dont know, what to do with it. So please dont ask for support or anything else.

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