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You have Problems with this little Ascend Pipeline 25/50/75/85 Router ?

Its a small 128 KBit ISDN Router and with usage on client site and on Server site. We know about the models P15, P25, P50, P75 and P85 and some more.


Starting with the P50, the Pipeline was able to handle nailed ISDN lines with 128 KBit. It performes well and is very reliable. And it is very easy to configure compared by a Cisco 1003. We have had both. It did never fail in our company, however it is too expensive compared by competitive products having CAPI and some other features like ISDN line monitors for 32Bit Windows.


We may check it und clear any password, load new firmware and configure it if necessary.


In case of a serious hardware- fault, mostly it is not worth the money to get it fixed. The power supply is simple, its 18 Volts DC / from 750 to 1100 mA. There are many very affordable replacement products on the market.

A time and money saving hint :

Keep away your fingers from a Pipe 15 or 25. These units are really old and these units have memory and firmware problems. Mostly you are not able to upgrade to an acceptable revision of TAOS. Dont buy it even for one Dollar from ebay. You waste your money and time. Start with a Pipe 50 at least. This one is worth its price.

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